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life never tasted so good

26 March 1987
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what do i love?
i love beaches and hobofires.
i love being outside. it makes me happy. and i love the widerness.
i love getting a hug from the person you love
i love snickers and meeting new people
i love sleep
i love my family and my friends
i love oatmeal raisin cookies
i love music...god knows i love music
i love my computer when it loves me back
i love duct tape and i love bubbles
i love spring, and winter
i love hands
i love falling asleep with someone next to you
i love smiles and bear hugs
i love the fact that mir's mom says i'm not a 'lexi' because 'lexi' is prissy
i love math and lesbian men named lisa
i love being happy
i love cookie dough and muffin films
i love being a veggie and i love silk
i love small ford pick-up trucks
i love going for walks
i love feeling pretty and i love british accents
i love coloring my hair
i love acting and photo booths and farms
i love fire
i love bamboo and stars
i love coffee and not being fat
i love pickles and being barefoot
i love blankets
i love rent
i love pens from drug companies and saying 'please'
i love rain, randomness and roses
i love wind, mountains, and tofu
i love car rides and chapstick
i love boys and i love concerts
i love real conversations
i love sand when it's not in my purse
i love vermont and waterfalls
i love moonlight and helping people
i love fresh air and anything shiny
i love surprises and sunflowers
i love showers and i love singing
i love singing in the shower
i love being emo
i love listening to nothing
i love comfortable silences
i love glow sticks, gumby and johnny depp
i love the 80's and washing dishes
i love gay boys
i love love. it makes me happy
i love stupid crap
then again...i also love your mom